Bergamine cloud mining

Bergamine cloud mining

Surely, you already know: what is mining, how is this process arranged and what can you make good money on it. You can compare this way of earning money with opening your own small business. And, of course, for him to start making a profit - you need to invest in it. In this article we will analyze in detail: how much does it cost to build a farm for mining.

Of course, such a farm can consist of a computer with one powerful graphics card. But most likely, such a "farm" will not bring you any profit. You will spend more money on electricity than you earn. Therefore, we will consider only the assembly of a professional mining farm. Let's figure out what budget is needed in order to assemble a mining farm.

The price of equipment for a mining farm
Video card The minimum number of video cards to build a good farm is 4 pieces. When choosing them, you should be guided by the fact that this is the main element for mining, and the more powerful they are, the more profit they will bring. For our farm, we will take a video card from Nvidia - Geforce GTX 1,060. It has excellent performance. It costs relatively inexpensive: on the Internet it can be found at a price of 250 dollars. We need 4 of them, so this is $ 1,000.

Motherboard. The main criterion by which you should choose it is the number of PCIe slots. The bigger, the better. Because it is through them that video cards will be connected. ASRock H81 Pro BTC - would be a good choice. You can find it on the Internet for $ 100.

Power Supply. On this element of your farm is not worth saving. Its stable operation will depend on him. And if it is of poor quality, your video cards may burn out. To calculate which power supply is right for you: calculate how much your video cards will consume (this data can easily be found on the Internet), add 150 W to this value (the rest of the system elements will consume as much), and add another 15 percent of the resulting amount (a lot - not a little). We got 700 watts. The Thermaltake Smart Pro is perfect for such power consumption. You can find it at a price of 140 dollars.

RAM and hard drive. These components are not the most important. It will be enough to take 4 gigabytes of RAM and a 60 gigabyte hard drive. We'll take AMD's 4GB RAM - the R7 Performance Series for $ 50. And a 500 gigabyte Seagate BarraCuda hard drive for $ 50. Total, together we will cost $ 100.

CPU. There are also no special requirements for the processor. Of course, you should not take the weakest, but we do not need a very powerful one. The main thing is that your motherboard supports him. We will take the Intel Pentium G4620 processor. It costs about 100 dollars.

Riser cords. We need them to connect the video card to the motherboard. The fact is that on motherboards there are usually 1 or 2 PCIe x16 slots and several PCIe x1 slots through which video cards are connected. And video cards will work most quickly through the PCIe x16 slot. And here we come to the rescue of the riser cords. If you connect the video card through such a cable to the PCIe x1 slot, it will work as fast as through the PCIe x16 slot. We will need 3 such cords. For our farm, we will buy 3 Ewell Riser cord risers. They cost 10 dollars each.

Cooling elements. The video card is very hot and you should consider this. Not only should they not be installed tightly to each other, you will also have to buy additional cooling elements. The more there are, the better for your farm. For our farm, we took two Zalman ZM-DF12 coolers. They cost $ 20 each.

Wireframe. And the last thing we need is a frame on which we will assemble our farm. You can assemble it yourself: it has a fairly simple design. But still better to buy. If you search in online stores, you can find many different frames for assembling mining farms. They cost from $ 20.

As a result, our expenses amounted to: 1530 dollars. I want to note that we have put together a fairly "budget" farm for cryptocurrency mining. You can use completely different accessories. And you must count on the amount of from 1500 to 4000 thousand dollars.

It is worth noting that such a farm will not be relevant for mining the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Since ASIC chips are used there, which are sharpened specifically for bitcoin mining. Of course, the question is brewing: "How much does a farm for mining bitcoins cost?" Its price is the same as that of a conventional mining farm, but the fact is that you can only mine a narrow circle of cryptocurrencies on it. So it’s best not to get hung up on bitcoin, but to build a regular mining farm for yourself and mine more “light” cryptocurrencies, for example, “ether”.


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