Bergamine mining

Bergamine mining

The cryptocurrency mining process (mining) is always accompanied by large initial equipment costs. In addition, you will need to spend money on servicing your miner and on electricity. The cost of food for your farm will determine how much you will earn.

After all, mining profitability is calculated according to a simple formula: the price of the consumed electricity is subtracted from the price of the extracted cryptocurrency.

I must say right away that a mining farm will consume a lot of electricity. If you are going to assemble your mining farm or have already assembled it, but for some reason did not take into account how much electricity it consumes, then this article is for you. It will also be useful for beginners. Many of them often have inaccuracies in calculating the electricity consumed by their farms. Because of this, it happens that at the end of the month a miner can be very “happy” with a payment for electricity and will have to pay an amount five times more than the one he had originally hoped for. Such moments should be avoided and approached in this matter with an understanding of all the basic principles.

How to calculate the electricity consumption of a mining farm?
To calculate how much electricity a mining farm consumes, first you need to find out how much electricity its individual elements consume: processor, video card, cooling equipment. If you mine Bitcoin on a special single miner, then you can find information about the electricity consumption of the entire system, and not its individual parts. You can find them on the Internet. We will analyze how much a mining farm consumes using an example of a farm with four video cards, one processor and two coolers.

Of course, the video card will consume the most. For our calculations, we will take a video card from Nvidia - GeForce GTX 1070. By searching the Internet, we find out its power consumption. It is 150 watts. We have four such video cards, and their total consumption will be 600 watts.

The next element in power consumption after the video card is the processor. For example, Intel Pentium G4620 consumes 50 watts. We will take it for our calculations.

The electricity consumption of the rest of the elements, such as coolers, RAM, hard drive and motherboard, is very small. And regardless of the cost and characteristics, their total power consumption will not exceed 100 watts. This is the value we will take for our calculations.

And so, in total, our system consumes 750 watts per month. But we did not take into account one more point that novice miners often do not take into account. The fact is that not a single power supply unit works with 100% efficiency. He loses 10 percent in the form of heat. So that the final consumption of our system will be slightly larger. Adjusted for the power supply, it will be approximately 825 watts per month. Or 28 kW per day. So we found out how much electricity a mining farm consumes.

If you want to know how much money you will have to pay for this, you need to multiply the resulting electricity consumption by the price in your area. In different countries, and even in different regions of the same country, electricity prices differ. Depending on the price per kW in your area, the amount will vary. For example, we take the average cost of 1 kW in Russia - 3 rubles. At the expense of our farm 825 W, we will have to pay 2,520 rubles per month (84 rubles per day) for its work.

This is a fairly large amount, considering that this is the price of only mining a farm. But with an effectively organized mining process, this price will be insignificant, against the background of profits from the extracted cryptocurrency. You must calculate everything so that your income from mining is several times higher than the cost of electricity.


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