Recently, mining is becoming more popular. At the moment, there are such types of mining as: cloud mining, solo mining and mining in the pool. And more and more often on the Internet you can come across a new kind, which is called browser mining. To be honest, what is browser mining, I learned at the time of this writing. And now I am ready with 100% certainty to tell you what it is and whether, in general, it is worth spending your time on it.

Browsermine is the name of the most popular “browser mining”. It is on his example that we will analyze the entire "industry" of such mining. And so, let's start with how this site positions itself. They write that you, without making any investment in this project, without inviting people to join it and without completing any tasks, but simply by opening the page in a browser, you will earn money.

The earnings system is described as follows: you move the scale, and thereby choose the mining power, which will determine how much cryptocurrency you will receive. Instead of the usual H / s, power is measured here in BrowserMineHash per second. Once every 10 minutes, a “local” cryptocurrency BrowserMineCoin is created from the power. You can display it if you collect 0.1 coin. Money is withdrawn to Yandex.Money, Qiwi or to a bank card in two currencies (ruble and dollar) at the domestic rate.

How much can you earn on browser mining?
The creators of browsermine themselves say that browser mining cryptocurrencies should not be regarded as the main form of earnings. But I will say more. You will not be able to make money on this at all. And now I will explain why.

By registering on this site, I started the mining process. To do this, by the way, I had to disable the ad blocker. My mining capacity was 15.33 BMH / s and after 10 minutes I was credited with 0.000000913227 coins. Through simple calculations, I found out that I can withdraw a minimum amount, namely 0.1 BMC, somewhere in a year of continuous mining. And I’ll earn about $ 8, and taking into account the energy spent, I will be in the red. Not very profitable, is it?

Disappointed with browsermine, I checked another popular site where you can run browser mining of bitcoins. It is called FreeBitcoin. And, as you already guessed, there are no fundamental differences, except that you will mine bitcoin. Earn money on this site as well. Most likely, it is designed for beginners who can not yet configure the normal mining process.

Should I use browser mining?
Browser mining is beneficial only for its creators. In fact, registering on the site and starting the mining process, you will mine cryptocurrency just for them. And to receive for this a negligible portion of the site administrators. And, most likely, you are not something that you can’t earn, you will be in the red. In short, earning on browser mining is extremely unprofitable. And it is designed, most likely, for beginners, who are not particularly, so far, versed in mining. Since not a single “serious” miner pecks at it. If you are a beginner, and you are not good at mining, or simply cannot buy a mining farm, then it is better to pay attention to cloud mining than to the dubious “browser mining”.


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